• Successful days at Enforce Tac 2024

  • Hexonia looks back on successful days at Enforce Tac 2024: Together with the NFM Group team, we presented our four product lines GARM, HJELM, SKJOLD and THOR, which offer a holistic protection package for police and military forces. We always aim to provide users with lightweight and durable equipment for every mission.


    The focus was on our head protection and clothing systems: the core idea behind our Trivium and 4th Generation HJELM helmets is that they not only protect, but also enable mobility and flexibilty. They are therefore particularly lightweight and can be modularly adapted to the specific situation by integrating technology and camouflage.


    We have developed our clothing systems in close consultation with users. They are precisely harmonized in all layers of clothing and offer maximum protection and comfort.


    Further information can be found in our product catalogues: