Protective vests

Demand for modular, situation-adapted protective vests has grown as a result of terrorist threats and international conflicts. The protective vest forms the core of the system when it comes to protecting the upper body and the vital organs in it.

We offer

  • High levels of protection against the effects of different weapons
  • Retention of maximum mobility and flexibility
  • Interoperability with other equipment and clothing
  • Integration of electronics
  • SMART solutions
  • Different camouflage prints or colors
  • Robust materials and high-quality workmanship

Example: Tactical vest

  • Modular design
  • Protection levels can be adapted to suit the situation
  • Emergency release systems for quick release and discard of the vest
  • Requirements aligned with the care / transport of the wounded
  • Compatible with all common tactical pocket / pouch / bag systems
  • Possible integration of a hip belt for load transfer