Protection against firearms

Effective protection against firearms is achieved by our modularly designed protective vest system: Depending on the requirements, different ballistic protection plates with different protection levels (SK4, SK2 and K2) can be integrated into the vest. We produce ballistic protective equipment on our own high-performance hydraulic presses: Under high pressure, high-tech materials are joined together and pressed into shape in the facilities.

What we offer

  • High protection against different weapon effects
  • Different protection levels according to customer requirements
  • Products certified by the relevant firearms authorities
  • Various protection classes SK
  • Protection levels according to VPAM, TR, NIJ or other standards

Example of different protective inserts/plates

  • Different protection plates and inserts
  • Soft ballistics SK 1
  • Shock absorber

Example tactical overcoat vest

  • Modular design
  • Protection levels can be adapted to the threat depending on the situation
  • Emergency drop system for rapid jettisoning of the vest
  • Coordinated requirements for wounded care / transport
  • Compatible with all common tactical pocket systems
  • Integration of hip belt for load transfer possible
  • Best possible mobility and flexibility
  • Interoperability with other equipment and garments
  • Integration of electronics
  • SMART solutions
  • Various camouflage prints or colours
  • Robust materials and high quality workmanship