Ballistic shields

We develop high-performance ballistic shields that protect police forces and special military units in action. Our shield AYAR offers protection against the threat of class VPAM APR 2006 test level 6 (7.62 x 39 | FMJ/PB/FeC | 720 m/s +/- 10). The special contour of the shields allows tactical handling and offers the possibility of guiding or laying on a weapon in different ways. A symmetrical cut and a modular grip design make the shields portable for both right and left-handed users and they can be configurated without tools.

By attaching the grip plate by means of a hook strap on the back, its position and angle can be freely selected. For transport and storage, the grip plate can be completely separated from the shield body. A pad attached by hook provides the necessary carrying comfort. For safe carrying of the shield, the forearm is fixed by means of an arm loop, which has a quick-release function. When activated, the webbing is immediately stretched to the maximum possible length. With plug-in buckles on both sides allow the quick-release to be used for both right and left-handed users.

The design of the standing surface ensures a firm grip even on rough terrain. The plastic edge protectors specifically attached to the impact and support edges protect the shield against abrasion and can be replaced if necessary. The outer surfaces of the shield are covered with velour to accommodate additional equipment.

What we offer

  • Different protection classes
  • Different materials
  • Special functional designs
  • High protection with low weight

Example ballistic shield AYAR

  • Protection against short and long weapons according to VPAM 6
  • Lightweight materials for maximum mobility
  • Tactical design for optimal weapon use
  • Suitable for both right and left-handed users
  • Various accessories such as carrying strap, carrying bag, cover in various camouflage prints or colours
  • Integration of tactical light