Protection against firearms

Protection against firearms

Protective vests are often used to protect the user effectively against attacks with firearms. Adapted to the threat situation, the use of attack weapons, as well as your own mobility and added weight, there are various approaches to meet the requirements and effectively counter the threat. 

HEXONIA® GmbH has many years of experience in the fabrication of ballistic products. Our customers’ requests and requirements are implemented without compromise during the course of our product development, to guarantee the highest possible protection for the wearer while maintaining high mobility.  

What we offer:

  • Different protection levels according to customer requirements
  • Products certified by the responsible proof houses
  • Diverse protection classes SK 
  • Protection levels according to VPAM, TR, NIJ or other standards

Example: Our range of protective pads / plates

  • Diverse protection plates and inserts
  • Soft ballistics SK 1
  • Shock absorbers
Protection against firearms
Diverse protective pads