Insulating layer

Insulating layer

Requirements for a cold region clothing system are diverse and complex. The core function of the human body, warming or heat retention, can be achieved with multiple layers and various materials. A high-quality insulating layer is essential, especially in extremely cold areas or for static operations. 

HEXONIA® offers individually tailored clothing solutions for this product segment as well. We develop and produce insulated clothing, adapted for specific needs, depending on the customer's requirements. In this context, it is particularly important for us to coordinate the different layers in our system concept of the clothing and equipment.

What we offer:

  • Insulating layers for different climatic zones / theatres of operation
  • A variety of materials
  • Variants with layers underneath or on the outside
  • Colors or camouflage patterns according to the customer's request 
  • Design and cut to match other layers of clothing and functional requirements

Heavy insulating jacket with underlayers

  • High insulation efficiency 
  • Reinforced elbow areas to withstand mechanical impact
  • Pulse warmers to prevent the cold from entering
  • High wear comfort, thanks to selected materials
  • Jackets and trousers can be compressed tightly, to minimize size when carrying the clothing
Insulating layer
Insulating jacket with underlayers