Insulation layer

In our modular clothing system, the insulation layer allows soldiers to operate in extremely cold temperature ranges. The insulation can be provided by a heavier outer layer or a lighter intermediate layer. Depending on the requirements of our customers, there are different versions of the iso-layer, e.g. fleece jackets, softshell jackets as well as padded jackets and trousers. If required, we can integrate heatable components.

When designing insulating clothing, the system concept, i.e. the optimal coordination of all clothing layers with each other, plays an important role. Our insulated jackets and trousers can be highly compressed, which minimizes the packing dimensions when carrying the clothing.

What we offer

  • Insulation layers for different climatic zones / areas of application
  • Different materials
  • Undercoated or overcoated versions
  • Colours or camouflage patterns according to customer requirements
  • Design and cut coordinated with other clothing layers and functional requirements
  • Inner iso-jacket can be attached to the combat jacket by means of a zip
  • Reinforced elbow areas to withstand mechanical impact
  • Pulse warmers to keep out possible cold penetration
  • High wearing comfort
  • Jackets and trousers can be highly compressed to minimise pack size when carrying clothing