Combat Shirt

Combat Shirt

Due to more threatening situations in current operations, the protective combat vest has become an everyday item for military and police. The combat shirt has proved particularly successful as a textile interface. It replaces the jacket in protective combat clothing systems and forms an optimal connection with the upper body. 

HEXONIA® offers the user a wide range of different combat shirts. We choose to offer a more seamless torso version, to avoid pressure points and thus ensure the highest possible wear comfort. We develop and produce products tailored to specific needs, always meeting the customer's requirements. 

What we offer:

  • Combat shirts for various applications and climate zones
  • Flame retardancy
  • User-specific features
  • Improved heat & sweat management
  • Different torso sizes and shapes 
  • Various camouflage prints and colors 

Example Combatshirt: 

  • Optimum fit
  • Seamless torso
  • Can be worn directly on the skin
  • Flame and vector protection
  • Functional design 
  • High air permeability 
  • Options for integrated protection
  • Reinforced elbow areas 
Combat Shirt
Combatshirt + combat vest