Combat clothing

The combat clothing includes the combat trousers, the combat jacket and the combat shirt. For all components we use lightweight and at the same time high-strength materials that ensure wearing comfort and robustness. Our products offer vector protection without exception and are flame retardant.

The combat shirt is particularly suitable as a textile interface between the protective west and the soldier's body. It can be worn directly on the skin and its close fitting cut ensures mobility and maximum wearing comfort. We manufacture the combat shirt using the seamless torso process. Friction and pressure points on the skin are avoided in this way. In addition, we can knit in various knitting zones with different material weaves that support specific body regions through air permeability, stretch or compression.

Depending on the requirements of our customers, we produce different versions of combat clothing. In addition, we offer accessories specially adapted to the combat clothing, such as retaining straps, braces and protectors.

What we offer

  • Combat clothing for diverse areas of use and climatic zones
  • Functional design adapted to the user
  • Improved heat & sweat management
  • Camouflage protection: Various camouflage prints and colours
  • Flame and vector protection
  • Option for integrated protectors
  • Reinforced elbow areas
  • Particularly light and robust outer material with high wearing comfort (air-permeable, climate-regulating)
  • Accessories: straps, braces, protectors

Example Combat-Shirt

  • Can replace the combat jacket in higher outdoor temperatures
  • Seamless torso made of hydrophilic, flame-retardant knitted fabric
  • Functional knitting zones can be knitted in
  • Can be worn directly on the skin
  • Comfortable to wear under protective west
  • Optimal fit
  • High air permeability
  • Fast drying
  • Sleeves made of lightweight, flame retardant twill in various camouflage prints with vector protection