Every clothing system starts with the layer worn directly on the skin. Functionality and wearing comfort are of particular importance. Our underwear is characterised in particular by its almost seamless manufacture using the seamless process, which avoids friction and pressure points on the body. We offer underwear with different levels of heat and cold protection, flame retardancy up to ballistic underwear for protection against splinters and fragments. In addition, with our modern flat and circular knitting machines, we can combine complex functional aspects, such as air permeability, stretch or compression capability via different knitting zones in one textile product.

What we offer

  • Underwear for hot / tropical climates
  • Various wool underwear for cool to very cold climates
  • Flame retardant underwear to protect against burns
  • Ballistic underwear for protection against splinters
  • Integration of various functional knit zones

Example Ballistic Underwear:

  • Ballistic retention performance in terms of fragment resistance: V50 value against a 0.13g (2.0 grain) FSP fragmentation projectile > 200 m/s (test according to STANAG 2920)
  • Body close fit as well as overlapping of undershirts and undershorts prevent the penetration of fragments
  • High wearing comfort due to seamless construction and use of elastic yarns
  • 3D construction, close fit
  • Low weight
  • Interoperability with other protective elements and clothing layers
  • Different versions available in terms of washability and flame retardancy
  • OEKO-TEX certified

Example wool underwear

  • Seamless products – almost seamless production
  • Comfortable to wear due to the merino wool used, no scratching on the skin
  • Very good moisture absorption, no damp body feeling
  • Good re-drying properties
  • Elastic component provides more wearing comfort during movement
  • No cooling during rest phases of the body
  • Body-hugging cut reduces weight and improves compatibility when wearing other clothing layers
  • OEKO-TEX certified