Who we are

Who we are

Innnovative technologies in textile industry are our passion. It has always been exciting for us to  discover new ideas and possibilities and implement those.

We cooperate with scientists and developers worldwide. We discover new application areas and develop the final product until it is ready for the market.

Our Philosophy

Our customers determine our actions

In everything we do, we have always one thing in mind: to generate the utmost benefit for our customers. In this endeavor we put the main focus on the requirements of users. Satisfying customer needs in an optimal way is the best basis for economic success – on both sides.

Shaping the future

Innovation is the subject of our business. That’s why creativity, inquisitiveness, vision and courage is at premium without losing focus on realisation and economic feasibility of projects.

Cooperate with the best professionals

In order to comply with highest quality standards, we are anxious to work with the best professionals in each field no matter if these are cooperations with development and production partners, suppliers or our own employees.

Challenge and promote

Our employees are our highest potential. We challenge and promote them by providing professional training as well as freedom to unfold their personality. This is the only way to make sure that their performance can develop in proportion to the increasing requirements of the market.

Workmanship - literally

Professionalism, Partnership and team spirit emboss our thinking and actions and are the basis for the cooperation with our customers, users, suppliers and employees.

Our business model

We are specialists in the environment of armed forces and authorities and devote our full attention to the tender business. In order to implement this model professionally, we refrain from selling our products directly to end consumers and private individuals, even if they come from the aforementioned environment.

Who we are
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Who we are
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Who we are
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