Tactical pouches

Tactical pouches

Every deployment, threat scenario or mission requires customized equipment. Nowadays, bags are usually connected to the protective vest or other objects via a MOLLE loop system. These tactical bags offer a wide range of options for attaching equipment, ammunition and combat gear to, for example, the protective vest or the chest rig. 

HEXONIA® has a wide range offering of tactical pouches for the user. We pay particular attention to ergonomic and easy handling, precise fit and a secure storage concept. Of course, we can create interfaces to different protective vests or other carrier systems, individually, according to customer requests.

What we offer:

  • Pouches for various magazines
  • Grenade pockets
  • Dump pouches 
  • Radio bags
  • PTT switches
  • and much more

Example: pouches for electronic device

  • Pouches for various radio devices
  • Pouches for PTT systems
  • Pouches for tablets/end user devices
  • Camouflage print of the German military
  • Optimized weight 
  • Quick access
Tactical pouches
Tactical pouches