Head System

Head System

“Practice the way you fight” is a guiding principle that many soldiers live by. To achieve this goal, you need simulation equipment that allows you to train using your equipment without any interferences. 

HEXONIA® GmbH has many years of experience in handling and working with textiles. In particular, we are able to produce textile electronics cases, in consultation with our customers. High-quality workmanship and know-how are the most important factors, in order to achieve optimum results.

What we offer:

  • Integration of electronics
  • Cable management
  • Innovative designs and solution approaches
  • In-house product development and manufacturing
  • Various materials and colors 

Example: simulation system for the helmet

  • One size fits all
  • Individually adjustable to different sizes
  • Optimized cable routing 
  • Helmet mounts
  • Cleaning of textile components is possible
Head System
Simulation system for the helmet