Cut Protection / Stab Protection

Cut Protection / Stab Protection

The threat of attacks with knives or similar objects is constantly present, especially in police work, but also on peace missions of the Armed Forces. Various materials and products are used to best protect the person wearing the gear.

HEXONIA® offers the customer a range of solutions to protect against cuts and punctures. In some cases, these products are intended to be coordinated with the users’ firearm protective gear. However, we also offer individualized solutions that can be developed and manufactured to meet special customer needs. We continue to develop with the motto “PERFORM AND SURVIVE” to achieve the highest possible comfort in wearing your gear. 

What we offer:

  • Cut-protection solutions with the highest protection level made of textiles
  • Different designs and color variants available
  • Flame retardancy and added protection against fragments
  • Options that can be integrated into the protective jacket for stab / puncture protection in various protection classes

Example: Our scarf with cut-protection

  • Höchste Schnittschutzstufe
  • Flammschutz
  • Fragmentschutz gegen kleine Splitter 
  • Einheitsgröße
  • Hoher Tragekomfort 
  • Verschiedene Trageweisen möglich
Cut Protection / Stab Protection
Scarf with cut-protections