Ballistic Side Cover

Ballistic Side Cover

The use of electronic equipment such as wireless headsets and hearing protection has led to the fact that helmet shells are now cut out higher at the sides (“high cuts”). This enables the interface to a hearing protection device (ear defenders), for example. As a result, pressure points around the ears are reduced or completely avoided. However, the helmet loses part of its protective surface due to this side cut-out. The ballistic side protection goes into action here, conveniently closing this system gap for the user. 

HEXONIA® offers the customer system solutions specially adapted to helmet and hearing protection. From development to the finished product, in-house solutions are offered and adapted to customer requirements. “Form follows function” applies here as well, so that the user receives optimum protection and a high level of wear comfort. 

What we offer:

  • Ballistic applications for different type of helmets 
  • Matched systems taking into account all interfaces
  • Lightweight materials with high ballistic stopping power   

Example: IdZ ballistic side protection helmet

  • Increased shrapnel protection around the ear
  • Lightweight material
  • Compatible with a variety of headsets and hearing protection products
  • Highly robust
  • User friendly
Ballistic Side Cover
Ballistic side protection IdZ