Body System

Body System

“Practice the way you fight” is a guiding principle that many soldiers live by. To achieve this goal, you need simulation equipment that allows you to train using your equipment without any interferences.

HEXONIA®GmbH has many years of experience in handling and working with textiles. In particular, we are able to produce textile electronics cases, in consultation with our customers. High-quality workmanship and know-how are the most important factors, in order to achieve optimum results.

What we offer:

  • Integration of electronic systems
  • Cable management
  • Innovative designs and solution approaches
  • In-house product development and manufacturing
  • Various materials and colors 

Example: whole body system

  • Compatible with various protective vests
  • Can also be worn “stand-alone” without the vest
  • Adaptation to different support systems is possible
  • Individual sizing
Body System
Body system
Head System

Head System

“Practice the way you fight” is a guiding principle that many soldiers live by. To achieve this goal, you need simulation equipment that allows you to train using your equipment without any interferences. 

HEXONIA® GmbH has many years of experience in handling and working with textiles. In particular, we are able to produce textile electronics cases, in consultation with our customers. High-quality workmanship and know-how are the most important factors, in order to achieve optimum results.

What we offer:

  • Integration of electronics
  • Cable management
  • Innovative designs and solution approaches
  • In-house product development and manufacturing
  • Various materials and colors 

Example: simulation system for the helmet

  • One size fits all
  • Individually adjustable to different sizes
  • Optimized cable routing 
  • Helmet mounts
  • Cleaning of textile components is possible
Head System
Simulation system for the helmet
Backpacks and Drybags

Backpacks and Drybags

Additional clothing and equipment often have to be carried in a backpack, to be able to continuously adapt to different situations and environments. For example, extra insulation or rain clothing as well as ammunition, water or other important items are stored in the backpack.

As a system provider, HEXONIA® GmbH offers customized product solutions in all categories. This holistic approach enables us to ensure highest “performance” in all areas. 

What we offer:

  • Backpacks 
  • Waterproof packing vessels / containers 
  • Rain protection covers
  • Adaptable pockets for ammunition and equipment
  • Different camouflage prints or colors  

Example: 30l backpack

  • Height adjustable
  • Camouflage print of the German military
  • Top loader
  • Detachable side pockets that can be combined into a small backpack
  • MOLLE loop system for additional pockets
  • Extra straps for fastening materials
Backpacks and Drybags
30l backpack


Every clothing system is complemented by coordinated accessories. Products such as retaining straps or suspenders complete the overall program and improve the function and flexibility of the system.

HEXONIA® offers a wide range of accessories. In doing so, we place great importance on functionality and quality. We develop products that are optimized for garments in close consultation with our users and customers.

What we offer:

  • Suspenders
  • Certified straps
  • Protective dust cloths / scarfs
  • Balaclavas/ski masks
  • Gloves
  • Protectors 
  • Great selection of materials and colors

Example: slide-in protector (insert)

  • Can be used in various clothing items
  • Protect the wearers’ knees or elbows
  • Special design for great comfort and mobility
Slide-in protector
Case systems

Case systems

Each piece of equipment must also be able to be transported. When a policeman or soldier reaches a location, he must be able to access his personal equipment to the fullest. One option is our luggage systems with rollers. 

HEXONIA® GmbH offers special products for this purpose as well. You, as our customer, can get customized solutions that meet any and all of your needs.

What we offer:

  • Custom volumes / sizes
  • Various materials and colors
  • Special storage nets for various equipment components
  • Air permeable / breathable solutions

Example: transport case

  • Easy to carry
  • Rollers 
  • Many individual ways to integrate pockets / pouches
  • Large volume
  • Storage net
Case systems
Transport case
Transport and storage bags

Transport and storage bags

Protection for sensitive equipment and expensive electronics, or simply for the ability to store equipment properly, all these features are available in our products.  

HEXONIA® offers the option of individually-made custom products for transport and storage bags. We coordinate all components to fit together perfectly, so you can be sure that all items can be transported and stored properly and safely. 

What we offer:

  • A variety of materials  
  • A number of camouflage prints or colors
  • Coordinated functional design
  • Protection against impact, wetness, etc.
  • Labeling and identification options
  • Slip-in pockets for operating instructions / kit contents lists
  • Carrying handles 

Example: bag for night-vision devices

  • Camouflage print of the German military
  • Protection of components with foam inserts
  • Different compartments 
  • Precise fit for all components
  • Transparent compartments for instructions, etc.
Transport and storage bags
Bag for night-vision devices
Tactical pouches

Tactical pouches

Every deployment, threat scenario or mission requires customized equipment. Nowadays, bags are usually connected to the protective vest or other objects via a MOLLE loop system. These tactical bags offer a wide range of options for attaching equipment, ammunition and combat gear to, for example, the protective vest or the chest rig. 

HEXONIA® has a wide range offering of tactical pouches for the user. We pay particular attention to ergonomic and easy handling, precise fit and a secure storage concept. Of course, we can create interfaces to different protective vests or other carrier systems, individually, according to customer requests.

What we offer:

  • Pouches for various magazines
  • Grenade pockets
  • Dump pouches 
  • Radio bags
  • PTT switches
  • and much more

Example: pouches for electronic device

  • Pouches for various radio devices
  • Pouches for PTT systems
  • Pouches for tablets/end user devices
  • Camouflage print of the German military
  • Optimized weight 
  • Quick access
Tactical pouches
Tactical pouches


Different operational areas, vegetation and interfaces with other equipment components require adaptations to the respective situation. This adaptation can be implemented quickly and easily using customized accessories.

HEXONIA® will be happy to advise and support you in the selection of your components. All interfaces and requirements are incorporated into our development process and implementation, in order to produce a high-quality and innovative product. 

What we offer:

  • Helmet covers in various camouflage patterns and colors
  • Shape adapted to the helmet
  • Adaptations of electronics, battery packs, batteries, counterweights and bags/pouches are possible 
  • Protection against mechanical impact on the helmet, etc.
  • Rails for attaching tactical lights, etc.

Example: IdZ helmet cover:

  • Camouflage prints of the German military
  • Battery cup mounted on the back of the head
  • Velcro / fleece options 
  • Optimized cable routing for electronic devices
  • User friendly switch-out
Bsp. Helmüberzug IdZ
Scalp - Night Vision Cap

Scalp - Night Vision Cap

Special scenarios or activities with limited visibility require a system that allows the use of night-vision devices without a helmet as the carrier. A lightweight scalp hood is used, which features a holder for night-vision devices.

HEXONIA® develops and manufactures systems tailored to different night-vision devices and operation scenarios. Comfort, ventilation, sizes and many other details are matched and adapted to customer requirements. 

What we offer:

  • Hoods in different configurations
  • A variety of materials
  • Different sizes of forehead pads
  • Counterbalance pockets
  • Adaptable / switchable holders for night-vision devices 

Example Scalp®

  • One size fits all
  • High air permeability
  • Optimized wear comfort thanks to a forehead pad
  • Adapter (Shroud) compatible with night-vision devices from different manufacturers
  • Counterbalance pocket holder
  • User friendly and size adjustable  
Scalp - Night Vision Cap
Chin Guard

Chin Guard

Situations where increased splinter or shrapnel action is expected require special protective equipment. The chin guard, which can be mounted on the helmet, closes the gap in the system. This product increases the protected surfaces and by using splinter-resistant goggles or a visor it can complete your face and head protection.   

HEXONIA® GmbH has many years of experience in the fields of soft and hard ballistic protection. This enables us to customize and adapt ballistic protection equipment. In turn, this ensures that you receive the perfect protection system according to your request and customer requirements.

What we offer:

  • Different levels of protection
  • Soft and hard ballistic applications
  • Optimized system interfaces
  • Certified products 
  • Highest quality 
  • Products tailored to different helmets

Example: ballistic chin guard

  • Jaw and face protection
  • Fit matched to the helmet
  • User friendly
  • Very good splinter protection characteristics
  • Mix of hard and soft ballistics for optimum protection
  • Protection against blunt impacts
Chin Guard
Ballistic chin guard
Ballistic Side Cover

Ballistic Side Cover

The use of electronic equipment such as wireless headsets and hearing protection has led to the fact that helmet shells are now cut out higher at the sides (“high cuts”). This enables the interface to a hearing protection device (ear defenders), for example. As a result, pressure points around the ears are reduced or completely avoided. However, the helmet loses part of its protective surface due to this side cut-out. The ballistic side protection goes into action here, conveniently closing this system gap for the user. 

HEXONIA® offers the customer system solutions specially adapted to helmet and hearing protection. From development to the finished product, in-house solutions are offered and adapted to customer requirements. “Form follows function” applies here as well, so that the user receives optimum protection and a high level of wear comfort. 

What we offer:

  • Ballistic applications for different type of helmets 
  • Matched systems taking into account all interfaces
  • Lightweight materials with high ballistic stopping power   

Example: IdZ ballistic side protection helmet

  • Increased shrapnel protection around the ear
  • Lightweight material
  • Compatible with a variety of headsets and hearing protection products
  • Highly robust
  • User friendly
Ballistic Side Cover
Ballistic side protection IdZ
Helmet Systems

Helmet Systems

Nowadays, a helmet serves not only for protection, but also as a platform for different devices and equipment components. Helmets are therefore becoming more and more important in their function as equipment carriers.  

HEXONIA® GmbH has many years of experience with helmet systems. All products are tested and certified according to customer requests and their requirements profile.

In principle, we pay particular attention to an optimized ratio of protection to weight in our helmet systems, so that the helmet can be worn comfortably even during long periods of use.

What we offer:

  • Helmet and hard hat systems certified in Germany for various fields of operation
  • Protection against all kinds of splinters, shrapnel and bullets
  • Special helmet pads for shock absorption
  • Additional ballistic modules to increase protection 
  • Receptacles for night-vision devices or additional equipment on the helmet

Example: “Super High Cut” combat helmet

  • Very lightweight ballistic helmet
  • Compatible with headsets and hearing protection
  • Optional side protection adaptation, jaw protection or front plate 
Helmet Systems
Combat helmet "Super High Cut"
Protection against firearms

Protection against firearms

Protective vests are often used to protect the user effectively against attacks with firearms. Adapted to the threat situation, the use of attack weapons, as well as your own mobility and added weight, there are various approaches to meet the requirements and effectively counter the threat. 

HEXONIA® GmbH has many years of experience in the fabrication of ballistic products. Our customers’ requests and requirements are implemented without compromise during the course of our product development, to guarantee the highest possible protection for the wearer while maintaining high mobility.  

What we offer:

  • Different protection levels according to customer requirements
  • Products certified by the responsible proof houses
  • Diverse protection classes SK 
  • Protection levels according to VPAM, TR, NIJ or other standards

Example: Our range of protective pads / plates

  • Diverse protection plates and inserts
  • Soft ballistics SK 1
  • Shock absorbers
Protection against firearms
Diverse protective pads
Shrapnel Protection

Shrapnel protection

Missions in crisis and war zones in recent years have significantly increased the number of casualties and injuries caused by shrapnel. The higher number of shrapnel injuries has been reported, independent of any nation. The use of IEDs and explosive traps by unconventional fighters and groups has led to a certain threat, which is now one of the main threats for soldiers and forces.

For us, our guiding principle “PERFORM AND SURVIVE” translates into enabling the wearer of our protective equipment to have the highest possible protection with optimum mobility. HEXONIA® GmbH offers various approaches and solutions for that purpose. We produce modular product solutions for all areas of operation, in close collaboration with our customers and users. 

What we offer:

  • Ballistic shrapnel protection packages
  • Upper arm guard
  • Shrapnel protection collar
  • Thigh / leg protection
  • Jock strap, protection for the genital and anal area
  • BALUW - ballistic underwear (see section on undergarments)

Example: Shrapnel protection equipment

  • Modular design
  • Adaptations to the protective vest increasing the shrapnel protection area in the system
  • Quick on and off
  • Flexible for high mobility
Shrapnel Protection
Shrapnel protection
Cut Protection / Stab Protection

Cut Protection / Stab Protection

The threat of attacks with knives or similar objects is constantly present, especially in police work, but also on peace missions of the Armed Forces. Various materials and products are used to best protect the person wearing the gear.

HEXONIA® offers the customer a range of solutions to protect against cuts and punctures. In some cases, these products are intended to be coordinated with the users’ firearm protective gear. However, we also offer individualized solutions that can be developed and manufactured to meet special customer needs. We continue to develop with the motto “PERFORM AND SURVIVE” to achieve the highest possible comfort in wearing your gear. 

What we offer:

  • Cut-protection solutions with the highest protection level made of textiles
  • Different designs and color variants available
  • Flame retardancy and added protection against fragments
  • Options that can be integrated into the protective jacket for stab / puncture protection in various protection classes

Example: Our scarf with cut-protection

  • Höchste Schnittschutzstufe
  • Flammschutz
  • Fragmentschutz gegen kleine Splitter 
  • Einheitsgröße
  • Hoher Tragekomfort 
  • Verschiedene Trageweisen möglich
Cut Protection / Stab Protection
Scarf with cut-protections
Ballistic Shields

Ballistic Shields

Assignments in urban environments, with a high threat level, are part of the range of tasks both domestically and on international missions. It is always most important that the protected and safe entry into buildings or rooms can be ensured. Ballistic shields are therefore a good means of increasing the protective effect without restricting mobility in any major way. 

HEXONIA® GmbH has the technical know-how, and many years of experience, in the development and manufacture of ballistic equipment. In doing so, we take great care to ensure that the ratio between protection class and weight is as good as possible. We develop and produce ballistic shields tailored to your specific needs and requirements. 

What we offer:

  • Various protection classes
  • A variety of materials
  • Special functional designs
  • High protective characteristics while maintaining a light weight

Example: Our ballistic shield AYAR

  • Protection against short and long weapons according to VPAM 6 
  • Lightweight materials for maximum mobility
  • Tactical design for optimal weapon use
  • Suitable for right and left-handed users
  • Various accessories such as carrying strap, carrying case, cover in various camouflage prints or colors 
  • Integrated tactical light, etc.
Ballistic Shields
Ballistic shield AYAR
Protective Vests

Protective Vests

Demand for modular, situation-adapted protective vests has grown as a result of terrorist threats and international conflicts. The protective vest forms the core of the system when it comes to protecting the upper body and the vital organs in it.

HEXONIA® GmbH is choosing new and innovative approaches in developing protective vests, to combine existing and proven protection solutions with new technologies and increased requirements. In doing so, we focus on user-oriented solutions, within our concepts for apparel, tactical equipment and functional requirements.

What we offer:

  • High levels of protection against the effects of different weapons
  • Retention of maximum mobility and flexibility
  • Interoperability with other equipment and clothing
  • Integration of electronics 
  • SMART solutions 
  • Different camouflage prints or colors
  • Robust materials and high-quality workmanship

Example: tactical vest

  • Modular design
  • Protection levels can be adapted to suit the situation
  • Emergency release systems for quick release and discard of the vest
  • Requirements aligned with the care / transport of the wounded
  • Compatible with all common tactical pocket / pouch / bag systems
  • Possible integration of a hip belt for load transfer
Protective Vests
Tactical vest
Combat Shirt

Combat Shirt

Due to more threatening situations in current operations, the protective combat vest has become an everyday item for military and police. The combat shirt has proved particularly successful as a textile interface. It replaces the jacket in protective combat clothing systems and forms an optimal connection with the upper body. 

HEXONIA® offers the user a wide range of different combat shirts. We choose to offer a more seamless torso version, to avoid pressure points and thus ensure the highest possible wear comfort. We develop and produce products tailored to specific needs, always meeting the customer's requirements. 

What we offer:

  • Combat shirts for various applications and climate zones
  • Flame retardancy
  • User-specific features
  • Improved heat & sweat management
  • Different torso sizes and shapes 
  • Various camouflage prints and colors 

Example Combatshirt: 

  • Optimum fit
  • Seamless torso
  • Can be worn directly on the skin
  • Flame and vector protection
  • Functional design 
  • High air permeability 
  • Options for integrated protection
  • Reinforced elbow areas 
Combat Shirt
Combatshirt + combat vest
Combat Jacket / Combat Trousers

Combat Jacket / Combat Trousers

The core of any of our clothing systems is the so-called combat or operation clothing. It is usually characterized by the fact that it is worn as an outer layer and therefore has to meet many requirements of the wearer or the environment. 

HEXONIA® offers a wide range of different combat clothing items to the user. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we pay particular close attention to protecting the wearer from possible hazards and negative environmental effects. We develop and produce products tailored to your specific needs, depending on the customer's requirements.

What we offer:

  • System expertise to be able to perfectly match your clothing to other layers or equipment
  • Combat and operation clothing in different design variants
  • A number of camouflage prints or colors
  • Equipped with vector protection 
  • Durable clothing
  • Flame retardancy 
  • For hot and temperate climate zones, very high air permeability

Example: long combat jacket

  • Design matched to the specific operational area and purpose
  • Adapted interface to various other layers of clothing
  • Ventilation openings with mesh inserts to protect against insects
  • Functional design with various pocket layouts
  • Camouflage print in the visible areas, also effective in the IR spectrum
  • Compatible with optional protective inserts or external hard-shell protectors
Combat Jacket / Combat Trousers
Long combat jacket
Combat Jacket / Combat Trousers
Combat trousers

Example combat trousers:

  • Ventilation openings for good airflow under warm and hot conditions
  • Internal gaiters
  • Big leg pouches to carry personal or medical equipment  
  • Compression strap for leg pouches
  • Option for protective inserts
  • Reinforced knee zones keep dry and protect against abrasion
Foul Weather Gear

Foul Weather Gear

Military, police or forces from other authorities should be able to carry out their orders and operations successfully at any time, anywhere, with the longest possible endurance. It is essential to adapt to changing weather conditions in order to keep the body and important equipment dry. 

HEXONIA® offers customized foul weather gear. Our aim is to place special emphasis on high-quality materials and workmanship. 

What we offer:

  • Different breathable materials 
  • Various cuts and designs 
  • Customized functionality
  • Outer layers with camouflage print and great robustness
  • Underlayer variants for optimum interoperability with the protective vest

Example: Underlayer protective weather gear

  • High water column
  • Lightweight design for optimized weight and packing size
  • Designed to be worn under combat gear
  • No tactical restrictions on the use of other clothing and equipment
  • With flexible inserts for maximum mobility of the wearer
Foul Weather Gear
Underlayer protective weather gear
Insulating layer

Insulating layer

Requirements for a cold region clothing system are diverse and complex. The core function of the human body, warming or heat retention, can be achieved with multiple layers and various materials. A high-quality insulating layer is essential, especially in extremely cold areas or for static operations. 

HEXONIA® offers individually tailored clothing solutions for this product segment as well. We develop and produce insulated clothing, adapted for specific needs, depending on the customer's requirements. In this context, it is particularly important for us to coordinate the different layers in our system concept of the clothing and equipment.

What we offer:

  • Insulating layers for different climatic zones / theatres of operation
  • A variety of materials
  • Variants with layers underneath or on the outside
  • Colors or camouflage patterns according to the customer's request 
  • Design and cut to match other layers of clothing and functional requirements

Heavy insulating jacket with underlayers

  • High insulation efficiency 
  • Reinforced elbow areas to withstand mechanical impact
  • Pulse warmers to prevent the cold from entering
  • High wear comfort, thanks to selected materials
  • Jackets and trousers can be compressed tightly, to minimize size when carrying the clothing
Insulating layer
Insulating jacket with underlayers


Each garment system starts with the most inside layer, worn directly on the skin. Therefore, the wear comfort and physiological properties of the underwear are particularly important. 

HEXONIA® offers a wide range of undergarments to the user. In order to meet our customers' requirements, we pay particular attention to making the clothing as seamless as possible, to avoid pressure points and to increase comfort. We develop and produce products tailored to specific needs, always meeting the customer's requirements.

What we offer:

  • Undergarments for hot/tropical climates
  • Various wool undergarments for cool to very cold areas of operation
  • Flame retardant underwear to protect against burns
  • Ballistic underwear to protect against shrapnel

Example: ballistics underwear (BALUW):

  • High ballistic holding power, fragment protection
  • Blast protection due to optimal fit and overlap
  • High wear comfort due to seam limiting and the use of elastic yarns 
  • 3D construction, body-hugging fit
  • Lightweight
  • Interoperability with other protective elements and layers of clothing 
BALUW Shirt/ Balaclava
Wool underwear for cold climates

Example wool underwear:

  • Seamless products - almost seamless production
  • comfortable to wear due to merino wool
  • very good moisture absorption, no damp body feeling
  • good redrying properties
  • elastic elements allow high ease of movement
  • no cooling down in recovering phases of body
  • tight cut causes weight reduction and improved compatibility when wearing other garment layers