Each garment system starts with the most inside layer, worn directly on the skin. Therefore, the wear comfort and physiological properties of the underwear are particularly important. 

HEXONIA® offers a wide range of undergarments to the user. In order to meet our customers' requirements, we pay particular attention to making the clothing as seamless as possible, to avoid pressure points and to increase comfort. We develop and produce products tailored to specific needs, always meeting the customer's requirements.

What we offer:

  • Undergarments for hot/tropical climates
  • Various wool undergarments for cool to very cold areas of operation
  • Flame retardant underwear to protect against burns
  • Ballistic underwear to protect against shrapnel

Example: ballistics underwear (BALUW):

  • High ballistic holding power, fragment protection
  • Blast protection due to optimal fit and overlap
  • High wear comfort due to seam limiting and the use of elastic yarns 
  • 3D construction, body-hugging fit
  • Lightweight
  • Interoperability with other protective elements and layers of clothing 
BALUW Shirt/ Balaclava
Wool underwear for cold climates

Example wool underwear:

  • Seamless products - almost seamless production
  • comfortable to wear due to merino wool
  • very good moisture absorption, no damp body feeling
  • good redrying properties
  • elastic elements allow high ease of movement
  • no cooling down in recovering phases of body
  • tight cut causes weight reduction and improved compatibility when wearing other garment layers