Transport and storage bags

Transport and storage bags

Protection for sensitive equipment and expensive electronics, or simply for the ability to store equipment properly, all these features are available in our products.  

HEXONIA® offers the option of individually-made custom products for transport and storage bags. We coordinate all components to fit together perfectly, so you can be sure that all items can be transported and stored properly and safely. 

What we offer:

  • A variety of materials  
  • A number of camouflage prints or colors
  • Coordinated functional design
  • Protection against impact, wetness, etc.
  • Labeling and identification options
  • Slip-in pockets for operating instructions / kit contents lists
  • Carrying handles 

Example: bag for night-vision devices

  • Camouflage print of the German military
  • Protection of components with foam inserts
  • Different compartments 
  • Precise fit for all components
  • Transparent compartments for instructions, etc.
Transport and storage bags
Bag for night-vision devices