Helmet Systems

Helmet Systems

Nowadays, a helmet serves not only for protection, but also as a platform for different devices and equipment components. Helmets are therefore becoming more and more important in their function as equipment carriers.  

HEXONIA® GmbH has many years of experience with helmet systems. All products are tested and certified according to customer requests and their requirements profile.

In principle, we pay particular attention to an optimized ratio of protection to weight in our helmet systems, so that the helmet can be worn comfortably even during long periods of use.

What we offer:

  • Helmet and hard hat systems certified in Germany for various fields of operation
  • Protection against all kinds of splinters, shrapnel and bullets
  • Special helmet pads for shock absorption
  • Additional ballistic modules to increase protection 
  • Receptacles for night-vision devices or additional equipment on the helmet

Example: “Super High Cut” combat helmet

  • Very lightweight ballistic helmet
  • Compatible with headsets and hearing protection
  • Optional side protection adaptation, jaw protection or front plate 
Helmet Systems
Combat helmet "Super High Cut"