Combat Jacket / Combat Trousers

Combat Jacket / Combat Trousers

The core of any of our clothing systems is the so-called combat or operation clothing. It is usually characterized by the fact that it is worn as an outer layer and therefore has to meet many requirements of the wearer or the environment. 

HEXONIA® offers a wide range of different combat clothing items to the user. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we pay particular close attention to protecting the wearer from possible hazards and negative environmental effects. We develop and produce products tailored to your specific needs, depending on the customer's requirements.

What we offer:

  • System expertise to be able to perfectly match your clothing to other layers or equipment
  • Combat and operation clothing in different design variants
  • A number of camouflage prints or colors
  • Equipped with vector protection 
  • Durable clothing
  • Flame retardancy 
  • For hot and temperate climate zones, very high air permeability

Example: long combat jacket

  • Design matched to the specific operational area and purpose
  • Adapted interface to various other layers of clothing
  • Ventilation openings with mesh inserts to protect against insects
  • Functional design with various pocket layouts
  • Camouflage print in the visible areas, also effective in the IR spectrum
  • Compatible with optional protective inserts or external hard-shell protectors
Combat Jacket / Combat Trousers
Long combat jacket
Combat Jacket / Combat Trousers
Combat trousers

Example combat trousers:

  • Ventilation openings for good airflow under warm and hot conditions
  • Internal gaiters
  • Big leg pouches to carry personal or medical equipment  
  • Compression strap for leg pouches
  • Option for protective inserts
  • Reinforced knee zones keep dry and protect against abrasion