Chin Guard

Chin Guard

Situations where increased splinter or shrapnel action is expected require special protective equipment. The chin guard, which can be mounted on the helmet, closes the gap in the system. This product increases the protected surfaces and by using splinter-resistant goggles or a visor it can complete your face and head protection.   

HEXONIA® GmbH has many years of experience in the fields of soft and hard ballistic protection. This enables us to customize and adapt ballistic protection equipment. In turn, this ensures that you receive the perfect protection system according to your request and customer requirements.

What we offer:

  • Different levels of protection
  • Soft and hard ballistic applications
  • Optimized system interfaces
  • Certified products 
  • Highest quality 
  • Products tailored to different helmets

Example: ballistic chin guard

  • Jaw and face protection
  • Fit matched to the helmet
  • User friendly
  • Very good splinter protection characteristics
  • Mix of hard and soft ballistics for optimum protection
  • Protection against blunt impacts
Chin Guard
Ballistic chin guard