Looking over the edge

Foresight, Openness and thinking outside the box are often inherent caracteristics of an innovative and increasing company like HEXONIA®. So it is not astonishing that HEXONIA® became aware of the „Aspinall Foundation“, …

...an animal conservation charity, founded in 1984 and on first sight with no relation to HEXONIA®. Gerd Hexels, managing director of HEXONIA®, shares the passion for long distance journeys with the people, who are engaged in this foundation and so became aware of the needs and concerns of animals abroad; so the idea was born at HEXONIA® to donate € 2.000,- to the organisation.

The name of the organisation comes from the founder John Aspinall, owner of two zoos in Kent, England. The mission of the Aspinall Foundation is to halt the extinction of rare and endangered species worldwide and return them to the wild where possible. The charity is run by Damian Aspinall, son of founder John Aspinall. More you will find here.