Hexonia® awarded

HEXONIA® awarded

HEXONIA® GmbH has been recently awarded by the magazine Financial Times International as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe.

Not the only reason to be proud of - HEXONIA® further received a mention at national level and achieved one of the top level places within the ranking of the magazine FOCUS-Business.

„We are very proud of these awards”, said Gerd Hexels and Sabine Albert, Managing Directors of HEXONIA® GmbH. Financial Times (FT) considered many different criterias besides sales growth when chosing the sales champions. HEXONIA® showed a high degree of dedication at all levels that led finally to such a strong revenue growth. One reason for this success was for sure our claim to offer uncompromising quality of our products to satisfy customer needs in the best possible way. Further, HEXONIA® is continuously investing in new technologies and at the same time is ensuring that the know-how of all employees is similarly increasing to work with the latest technologies and machines that have been installed. Many cogs have intermeshed with each other for this success story. To summarize, at HEXONIA® an ambitious team is steadily striving for optimisation by innovation. 

Another reason for joy is the position HEXONIA® achieved in the ranking of sales growth champions 2021 of the economic magazine FOCUS-Business. HEXONIA® was on position 32 among 500 companies with a growth of higher than 110% per year.